İpragaz introduced bottled gas to Turkey by establishing the first filling plant in 1961. For about half a century, İpragaz reaches out to every corner of Turkey with its safe LPG use technique and with the Energy Team trained on customer relations.

Approximately 2,000 İpragaz bottled gas dealers and more than 4,000 servicing employees, as part of the Energy Team, continue to supply homes and workplaces with İpragaz energy every day with smiling faces.

İpragaz takes its energy from its experience and transmits it to nationwide Turkey.

İpragaz serves its consumers with 13 different bottled glass products.

  • 12 kg fat and long bottle
  • 2 kg picnic bottle with narrow and wide ring
  • 24 kg commercial bottle
  • 45 kg commercial bottle
  • 45 kg propane bottle
  • 12 and 24 kg forklift bottle
  • 12 and 24 kg marinegas engine
  • 2 and 12 kg marinegas cuisine



İpragaz opened the first officially certified autogas station in 1996. Today, İpragaz offers to its customers an uninterrupted supply of autogas and other products with always smiling specialist employees as a quality and rapid service in its 1200 autogas stations. İpragaz autogas takes care of its consumers and the environment with its high standards.

Autogas is more economic than alternative gases and provides price advantage. When mileage per liter is calculated, autogas appears to have a significant price advantage over gasoline. The advantage is much more prominent in the case of intensive use.

Autogas is a healthy alternative against climatic changes, air, water and soil pollution encountered due to energy use.

According to performance tests conducted, vehicles using autogas display a high yield. Compared to other alternative fuels, vehicles operated with autogas are seen to have much better performance and operating conditions.


Bulk LPG

Meeting bulk gas requirements of large scale industrial businesses in many important sectors since 1973, İpragaz created the System LPG, the brand of İpragaz in bulk gas, by applying for the first time in 1993, aboveground bulk gas and underground bulk gas systems equipped with small tanks.

This system started a new era in the use of bulk gas as energy by providing a solution to meet all energy requirements of both small scale businesses and of villas.

System LPG using propane and Mix LPG as fuel, currently meets with customers as an economic and practical energy system which meets different kinds of energy requirements (heating, cooking, hot water, cooling, power, etc.) from a single center.



İpragaz completed as of the end of 2004 its infrastructure necessary for taking its position in the sector, being well aware of its responsibilities to provide safe and uninterrupted quality product in the LNG market and to protect the environment. With the license it has obtained from EMIB İpragaz has embarked on its activities in LNG sector effective from January 2005.

After conquering LPG market, İpragaz is aimed to be the leader of LNG market as well, with its expert teams, technical-logistic infrastructure and based on its experience acquired since 1961.

Establishing a different point of view in the LNG market by employing the best systems without compromising safety in the least, İpragaz has always been the maker of many first-time events and innovations.

İpragaz created new application standards by improving the fresh Turkish standards which yet to have a complete technical legislation in the LNG market, just like it is the case in all new markets, with the standards of developed countries, and became a leader which was taken as a quintessential example by many other companies in the market. Main areas of use of  LNG include power generation, hot oil production, hot air production, metal processing (casting, smelting, thermal processing, etc.), warm water and hot water production, steam production, cooking and drying ovens, ceramic and glass industry.